Pop & Lolli Glitzy Girls

Glitzy Girls

Glitzy Girls by Pop & Lolli. Wonderfully cute, these Glitzy Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. And for the ultimate experience, pair them with the Design Diva, Sassy and Sweet Dress me up! Girl Accessories for some fancy flair and imaginary fun. Use as a single design for simple fun, or combine various favorites to add some funky and spunky to any room for an interactive experience. Picture poetry unique in its concept and application you create your own fabulous and flexible artistic mural constantly changing as your mood depicts and time evolves.

Glitzy Girls Set includes

Mermaid Mia
Princess Poppeliensie
Ballerina Bella
Fairy Mary
Friendly Witch Wendy
5 Pairs of sunglasses

Design Diva Accessories Include

For Mermaid Mia: 1 Swimming Mermaid Tail, 1 Sparkly Shellfish Bikini Top, 1 Splashing Star Fish Toy and 1 Sweet Seagull Birdie

For Princess Poppeliensie: 1 Girly Princess Tiara, 1 Glowing Magic Wand, 1 Glitzy Princess Ball Gown, 2 Glass Slippers and 1 Giant Frog the Prince

For Ballerina Bella: 1 Diva Queen Crown, 2 Darling Ballet Slippers, 1 Dainty Tutu and 1 Dear Pooch the Poodle

For Fairy Mary: 1 Flowery Pixie Hat, 1 Frills & Twills Dress, 2 Frail Pixie Shoes, 2 Fair & Dainty Wings and 1 Fiery Magical Wand

For Friendly Witch Wendy: 1 Black Hat, 1 Big Cat, 1 Flying Broom, 2 Boldly Stripy Socks and 1 Beautiful Over-Coat


Varying from about 35-35" Made of fabric. Reusable

Chic 2 Change. With every set of Pop & Lolli chic 'experience design' decals you purchase chic to change will provide educational materials and resources to positively influence a South African child in need.

Pop & Lolli believes in impact. Chic over sized wall art, rich in detail, will transform any blank wall into a world of imagination & play!

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Design Diva Girl Accessories
Glitzy Girls are sold separately
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Glitzy Girls
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